Brittle nails are not always the reason behind an unhealthy diet or poor diet routine. 

Sometimes, it can be a sign of your bad habits as well. 

You don’t want your terrible nails to destroy the outfit that took you 30 minutes to choose for the upcoming exciting event.

Today, we will focus on some unhealthy habits and mistakes that are making your nails brittle. 


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Mistakes That Are Making Your Nails Brittle

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Nails Biting

Biting your nails is truly gross. If you contemplate chewing down is your short little stubs, you’re off-base. 

This habit also advances bacterial exchange from your nails to your mouth, which can make you sick. 

It can even leave those little stubs helpless from the open wounds, which can prompt frightful diseases. An extraordinary method to stop is by painting your nails.

 With your nails recently polished, you’ll be more reluctant to bite on them and ruin your hard work.

Removing Nail Polish With Fingers

Do you use to strip off your polish? 

Stop. Stop at this moment. Compelling your nail polish off is overly harming to your nails. 

You won’t just strip off your nail polish but the top layer of your nail as well. 

Consider it like a facing strip turned out badly. Always try to take your polish off with nail polish remover. 

Eliminating it in a hurry can be harsh, so it’s a smart thought to heft around your preferred nail polish remover wipes. Various brands make them, and they’re ideal for tossing in your little purse.

Cutting the Cuticles

Nobody needs hard cuticles wrecking their beautiful manicure. However, picking at them or cutting them isn’t the appropriate response. It would be best if you put down that fingernail skin trimmer.

Rather than cutting those crazies, you can apply fingernail skin oil. The oil will relax your cuticles so they’re overall quite flexible, which will permit you to push them back. If you’re not happy with it, you can use a cuticle remover joined with an orange stick.

It will be overall quite delicate, and you’ll get every one of those harsh, dreadful edges off.

Wrap a small piece of cotton wool around the orange stick and moisten the cotton wool with cuticle remover.

Use soft circular motions to lift any dry, dead skin off the nails. Be gentle and take care not to scratch the nail bed.

More Into Gels and Acrylic

While we can’t reject that the click-clack of gels or acrylics are excessively fun, they’re entirely frightful for your nails. So, to make the acrylic and gel stick on your nails, the expert needs to buff them. Serious polishing can make the nail amazingly slight and inclined to breaking. 

To take the suckers off, you have to absorb your nails in acetone. 

Not Focusing on the Base-Coat

 Are you asking yourself why your nails are a similar shading as the last polish you painted them?

 That’s probably because you’re not utilizing a base coat. 

A base-coat stops colored polish from staining the nails and holds the colored polish for longer.

Use three vertical strokes to cover the nail and finish with a horizontal stroke of the base coat across the nail’s top.

The combination of horizontal and vertical strokes will help your nail polish last for longer and stop it from peeling off easily.

In addition to this, if your nails are yellow, you should probably better be putting the cigarette down. If they’re dark, you’re most likely in need of consulting a nail specialist.

Drowning for Too Long 

If you need your polish to stay longer, you should avoid water. We’re not proposing you quit showering.

However, you can wear some rubber gloves when cleaning the dishes or any other housework. 

They come in different adorable examples, and that makes them all more tempting. 

In addition to this, if your nails are on the dry side, putting jojoba oil everywhere on the fingernail skin and the nail is an extraordinary method to get dampness back.

Certain brands make specific fingernail skin oils that come in huge amounts of amazing scents. Oil takes more time to splash into the nail bed, yet it’s significantly more hydrating than water.


  • Once a week, give your hands a treat. Exfoliate, slather on the moisturizer, and wear a pair of cotton gloves to bed. The next day your hands will be beautifully smooth.
  • Keep a tub of body scrub beside the kitchen sink and exfoliate your hands whenever you feel they need a boost.
  • Apply sunblock to the back of your hands each day to protect them from sun damage.
  • To keep nails healthy, make sure you include plenty of iron, zinc, and vitamins A and D in your diet.
  • Protect your hands by wearing warm gloves in winter and always wear rubber gloves to do the washing up.
  • Keep tubes of hand cream in the car, in your bag, on the bedside table, and in your desk drawer at work so that you’re reminded to moisturize your hands often

It would be best if you focused on your habits to avoid the bad ones. 

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