Hair dying is something equally exciting and confusing, especially when you are going for a hair dye first time in your life.

At some stage of their life, almost every woman thinks about dying their hair into a new shade. However, some of them ignore the idea after getting to know that they have to bleach their hair first to get the dye, and some of them leave the idea due to expensive salon treatments.

Therefore, there must be a solution that can help women dye their hair at home without bleaching.

After thorough research, and many tries, I have finally concluded some ways to dye your hair into different shades without using bleach, and that too at your home.

For the ease of readers, we will consider the brown-colored hair for getting an idea, and all the other hair shades can easily get adjusted after you will understand the significant factors.

Deciding whether to color your hair is a personal thing.

Some women look stunning with grey or white hair cut in a chic style. But, if you’re not ready to go grey just yet, choosing to zap it away and lift your look is something I would recommend to any woman.

The trick when you’re deciding what color to go for is to find something that complements your natural skin tone and your eye color.

Today, I will present to you five primary hair color dye that you can transform your hair without using bleach.


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In this section, I will focus on five primary hair shades to which we can dye our brown hair at home, and without using bleach.

Brown to Caramel Brown

Starting with the first shade – brown to caramel brown.

As we all know, ash brown is a lighter shade of brown, and if we go to the salon for this dye, we will need to cut down or bleach our hair to get the color. However, you can quickly get that dye at your home with just a hair color that you like the most.

You have to choose the developer with more volume that is ten or twenty or thirty for getting a lighter shade. As caramel brown shade is not the brightest compared to brown, using a light brown hair shade with developer shade “10” can work for your hair.

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Brown to Burgundy

Burgundy is a kind of reddish-brown shade that can give your hair an instant beautiful glow, and make them look gorgeous.

You don’t need to use bleach. Instead, you can choose a color shade that is three times lighter than your hair, and apply it to lighten your brown hair.

After that, you can select the burgundy shade of your choice, and use it to your hair with the developer shade “20” to get the perfect burgundy hair color.

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Brown to Highlighted Blonde

As the blonde shade is the lightest among all other colors, you will need a more intense developer to get that shade to your brown hair.

Highlighted blonde has a few highlights of blonde shade with the brown shade as the base color.

You have to choose a blonde shade hair dye with a warmer tone, and “30” volume developer to get the exact shade that you want. However, for giving it the highlight effect, you can apply it by leaving some hair strands in between.

Always remember, if your hair is virgin, you may not get the same color in one application, so you have to be ready for two to three applications with a gap of 15 days in between the applications.

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Brown to Black

Black is a darker shade than brown, and you can quickly achieve it by applying a black hair dye onto your brown hair with a “30” volume developer to get the jet black shade.

Usually, people don’t apply black shade to their hair because it is challenging to get dye the next time when you want to change the tone. However, it entirely depends on one’s choice.

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Brown to A Golden Brown

Golden brown is another lighter shade of brown, and you can achieve it with the application of blonde shade onto your hair with volume “20” developer. Also, if your hair is virgin, you can go for size “30” to get the shade that you want.

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The topic concludes that hair dye is not a tough thing to do and doesn’t require expert skills or hair bleach. Instead, with a little effort on getting the perfect hair dye, you can dye your hair easily at home.




Natural tone, color history, and the condition of the hair are the most important things to consider when coloring your hair.

If you have a lot of color build-up in your hair, it’s important to give both yourself and your hairdresser ( if you have it done in a professional salon) time to achieve your desired look.

Nothing is impossible when it comes to coloring your hair; some things just take a little longer.

The condition of your hair is extremely important. If the natural color of your hair is black, then going blonde will require a lot of maintenance which translates in a lot of damages; so it’s probably not the best option.

There is no point to try changing your hair color by going so far as extreme if your hair is going to be in bad condition because it will never look good.

Venturing too far away from your natural color is not always a great idea. 

Sometimes all it needs is to be enhanced. If you are naturally red, it might just be a matter of working with what you already have instead of working against it.

This will generally give you the best results.

Home care is the most important thing, and then using the right products to keep your color looking healthy and shiny is half the battle.