Healthy, shiny hair is down to much more than choosing the right shampoo and conditioner.

Our hair and scalp, just like the rest of our body, needs a balanced nutritious diet that includes minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

To aid the production of sebum, which is what naturally lubricates your hair, you need to include into your diet plenty of essential fatty acids – found in nuts and seeds.



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#1. Nutrients

The foundation for new, healthy hair is the nutrients we’re consuming daily.

If you feed your hair with the right nutrients, you will notice that your hair is more robust and doesn’t break or thin quickly.

Despite our hectic lifestyle, the best ingredients for a healthy look is; plenty of sleep, the right food, and drinking lots of water.

Our hair texture changes at different ages and stages of our lives and affects our hair’s growth and health.

Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, medication, hormonal changes, illness, dieting, and stress can have a significant impact on our hair.

Adding edible fish oils to our diet and taking vitamin supplements, specially designed for hair care, can make a difference.

#2. Cleanse, Condition, and Treat

I am a firm believer in the power of the right products.

I believe you need the right products for you and nothing more, instead of having a press full of bad-hair days.

Choosing the right products can be bewildering, selecting the wrong ones, wasting time, money, and health.

The right shampoo and conditioner can dramatically change your hair’s appearance and make your life a lot easier.

We all need a treat sometimes, and your hair is no different.


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#3. Styling

Your hair can be really fun. Your lifestyle may dictate your everyday look, but sometimes we all need to let our hair down. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new – it’s only temporary – it can always be changed back with a little shampoo.

Using quality styling tools from crimpers to wands can add a little magic to your look.

Only invest in the right tools and brushes and, most importantly, products – these are the easiest ways to change your hairstyle’s look dramatically.

An expert haircut is easily the best beauty present you can give yourself. A smart cut can emphasize your best futures and disguise your bad ones.

Many women in their 30s,40s,50s, and older have stuck to the same style for decades, but you need to adapt your look as you get older.

A new smart cut and maybe a fresh color, will take years off you and give you a real confidence boost.

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#4. Make Smart Movements

Having a good cut or a dramatic recoloring can take years off you, and it is well worth the investment of going to a professional stylist for proper advice.

#5. Test It

If you do home hair coloring, make sure you run an allergy test first.

#6. Brush, Brush, Brush

Brush your hair before washing it to massage the scalp and help to loosen dead skin cells. Also, your hair is more fragile when it is wet.

#7. Don’t Go Crazy

Avoid washing your hair more than once a day, otherwise, you’ll be stripping away the natural oil that makes your hair thick and glossy.

#8. Beauty Sleep

Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase – less bed-head and fewer wrinkles.

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#9. Be Kind to Wet Hair

Don’t roughly towel-dry your hair and take time to detangle knots. Use a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush on damp hair to avoid stretching it.

#10. Take Your Time

Spend more time massaging your hair when shampooing. It’s great for a healthy scalp.

#11. Protect From Heat

Keep your hairdryer on the lowest possible setting to minimize the damage that heat can do to your hair. Some styling tools can seriously damage your hair.

#12. Make It Sun Friendly

Use sun protection – it stops color fade and protects your hair.

#13. Move Around

Don’t keep the hairdryer on one spot for too long. Keep it moving and hold it at a reasonable distance away from hair.

#14. Spray-On

Use hairspray to hold the hair in place.

For a soft finish, spray into the palm of your hand and then smooth over the hair’s surface to control flyaway strands. This way, you will avoid that old age look style.

#15. Cool It Down

Always finish blow-drying your hair with a blast of cold air. This helps to close the cuticles, and when cuticles lie flat, the hair reflects the light and makes it look shinier and healthier.

#16. Read the Damn Label

Regardless of what product you are using, always read the label. If t says ”leave on for 10 minutes”, one mistake women make, will usually sit down, watch the TV for half an hour thinking that the longer they leave it on, the better results.

The label says 10 minutes because this is when the product is at its best.

Leave it on longer than instructed will have the opposite effect on your hair.



Dye Run

If you are using a home dye kit and don’t want to end up dying your hairline, then make sure you run some Vaseline along the hairline before beginning the dyeing process.

The Vaseline will act as a barrier by soaking up any excess dye preventing it from staining your hairline and forehead (don’t forget about your ears).

Dry Hair Cure

If your hair becomes dry, comb some olive oil through it, concentrating on the driest parts.

Pat away any excess oil with a towel and allow your hair to absorb the oil overnight (wear a fabric shower cap and place a towel on your pillow).

You’ll notice immediate changes the following morning when you shampoo your hair.

Soft & Silky

Apply a small amount of olive oil – more doesn’t do any harm – to your hair half an hour before you wash it.

Wrap your hair in a towel and let it soak up the oil. Once the thirty minutes are up, shampoo, as usual, you’ll love your hair’s feel and look.

Magic Lime

The next time you’re washing your hair, add a teaspoon of fresh lime juice to the final rinse. This is an excellent anti-dandruff remedy when used frequently. It also gives your hair a subtle shine.

Refrigerated Conditioner

Always keep your conditioner in the fridge. Cold conditioner helps close hair follicles, which can prevent split ends.



If your hair appears dull or becomes greasier than usual, the problem may be traced back to your pillowcase.

Every time you lie down, your pillowcase absorbs bacteria and grease, then transferred to your hair each night. Try changing your pillowcase every three nights.

On the second night, ensure that you flip over your pillow to not sleep on the same side as the night before. Do this often, and you should notice a change within a month.