Skincare products are top-rated and way more expensive than makeup and beauty products.

The majority of women use eight to twelve skincare products daily without realizing the health issues.

Skincare products usually contain harmful ingredients in the form of chemicals that can ruin our skin’s condition.

However, due to our atmosphere’s pollutants, everyone wants to use skincare products to keep their skin healthy and glowing.

To save your skin from harmful side effects, we have combined a list of toxic products and chemicals you must look for in a product before buying.

In addition to this, we will focus on some of the quality-ensured and safe skincare products for your skin.

Following is a list of products and chemicals in the skincare range that is a significant cause behind skin cancer, and that one must avoid using:


Formaldehyde is a chemical present in many skincare products and is a fundamental cause of many skin care and health issues. At first, it can cause severe irritation to the skin, eyes, nose, and throat, but frequent use of this chemical may result in cancer.

It is highly dangerous to use this chemical often present in many skincare and hair care products.

Therefore, when you visit the drug store to get some skincare products, it is always recommended to read the ingredients first to avoid buying products that contain formaldehyde.

Food Colors

Food colors have many side effects on your health and skin as well. Many skin care products contain food colors that, on regular usage, can be a significant cause behind skin cancer.

It can also be a substantial cause behind thyroid tumors, insomnia, asthma, damage of chromosomes, and aggression. Many countries have banned the usage of food colors. However, it is still legal to use in many other countries.

Therefore, before buying any skincare product, it is necessary to read the label to avoid buying products containing food colors.


Although fragrances in any product, especially related to skincare, feel like heaven to use, we are unaware of its significant side effects. Other than the natural scents of some oils like essential oils, artificial ones are a substantial reason for irritation in eyes and cancer.

They contain dangerous chemicals that are incredibly toxic to use.
In addition to this, many women are unaware that using fragranced sanitary pads can cause vaginal cancer and severe rashes to the skin.
Therefore, it is better to avoid using products containing artificial fragrances.


Parabens are ingredients involved in many skincare and hair care products and contradict studies.

Many studies point to parabens’ danger while others reject the idea and firmly maintain their position, providing clear indications that parabens are not harmful.

The majority of us are confused about its side effects and keeps on using them. Some studies have proved that regular usage of parabens containing products can be a significant reason behind skin cancer, breast cancer, estrogen disturbance, and decreased sperm count.

As we are not 100% sure about parabens’ real impact on our skin, we added them on the harmful list just as prevention.

While shopping for the skincare range or beauty products, it is always necessary to focus on the ingredients. If we can avoid products containing parabens, we’ll make our skin an immense favor.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate, commonly known as SLS, is a significant ingredient in many skincare range products, including face washes. Studies have proved that SLS’s continuous usage can be a substantial reason behind severe skin irritation, eye damage, skin cancer, and disruption in healthy skin’s natural oils.

If you face acne, especially around the area of chin and mouth, it can be caused because SLS is used in your face wash or some other product of your skincare range.


Before deciding to buy a skincare product, it is always necessary to look at the key ingredients to avoid buying products that are dangerous to your health and skin.