A crystal clear skin is what every one of us wants and aims for. However, due to many environmental and other factors, our skin goes through many challenges.

In ancient times, when there were no facial procedures and beauty products, women used to follow a few remedies to have young looking beautiful skin.

As organic products have no side effects; therefore, women at that time had perfectly healthy skin.

However, as time passes, we forget the old culture and prefer surgical procedures over home remedies. It is the reason behind our dull skin and pre-aging.

Today, we will discuss some most accessible ancient home remedies that will help you get younger-looking and beautiful skin.

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  #1. Honey and Olive Oil

Ancient Remedies to Get a Crystal Clear Skin

The first face pack that we will discuss today is a mixture of honey and olive oil.

In old times, women use this face pack to get glowing skin. Simultaneously, it acts as a natural remedy to get rid of acne and other such skin issues because of honey’s anti-bacterial properties.

You can make the face pack by first dissolving a tablespoon of honey into a few drops of warm water to run consistency for easy application.

After that, add two tablespoons of olive oil to the mixture, and apply it on your face. Wash off after ten minutes to get an instant glow.

  #2. Rosewater

Ancient Remedies to Get a Crystal Clear Skin

In old times, there was not any concept of pre-prepared rose water. Instead, women make it at their homes by different simple methods. However, as the world has changed, we can quickly get rose water from any grocery or beauty store.

Rosewater has magical properties. It will keep your skin firm, hydrates, glowing, and fresh.

The best way is to keep a small spray bottle of rose water with you and spray your face with it every few hours.

You can apply it on your face by mixing it with different face packs if you don’t want to spray your face often.

  #3.  Saffron Oil

Ancient Remedies to Get a Crystal Clear Skin

Saffron was an ancient ingredient that is very popular because of its multiple properties.

It gives an instant skin glow. In old times, women used to add a few saffron threads to the milk and take a bath using that mixture to get a glowing body.

However, many women in India apply a mixture of saffron with oil to their face for healthy skin. This herb is costly nowadays, so you can always make your saffron oil by mixing a few saffron threads with coconut oil.

This oil will give you an instant glow and a youthful skin.

  #4. Sea Salt and Cream

Ancient Remedies to Get a Crystal Clear Skin

By reading the title, you might think if this is a yummy treat or a face pack.

Well, this delicious face pack is the old remedy of Japanese women. You might have noticed the firm and beautiful skin of Japanese women.

This face pack of sea salt and whipped cream is the primary reason behind that glow. Also, it is effortless to apply.

You have to mix some sea salt to whipped cream. You can always adjust the quantity according to your requirements. After that, massage your face and body with this mixture before taking a bath.

You will see instant results.

  #5. Green Tea and Yogurt

Yogurt is known for centuries due to its instant skin brightening properties.

In old times, women apply a mix of Yogurt and green tea on their faces and bodies to get a healthy complexion and glowing skin.

Green tea has polyphenols, and Yogurt is rich in calcium, which is extremely healthy for your skin.

You can make the mixture by mixing one tablespoon of green tea with three tablespoons of Yogurt. In case you are making it for the whole body, you can make the pack in the ratio 1:3, one for green tea, and three for Yogurt.

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Ancient Remedies to Get Crystal Clear Skin

Now you know that you don’t always have to put effort and money or take expensive crystal precise skin treatments. Instead, you can have it by trying some simple home remedies that have no side effects.